The benefits and value of indoor outdoor Games

Games and sports have always been taken as a necessary part of a nation’s life. Games were played in olden time as much as they are played today.

Outdoor games include football, hockey, etc. indoor games include cards carom, chess, table tennis, etc. some of them like badminton can be played inside a building as well as outside.

They can improve our health and make us active. Out-of-doors games give a lot of keep fit to the body and make us healthy if we play them regular. A person is playing a game hockey, football or tennis every day hardly ever falls it.

Games teach us well how to complete with others in life. They make us courageous. We do not lose sensitivity or get discouraged when we lose. We should not become angry or sad because, we know defeat is a necessary part of playing.

Games and sports, in fact build our characters. They make us bold and hopeful. They make us honest as we accept the just decisions of an umpire and do not mind our defeat.

Yet there are some abuses of games as well. Firstly, it is harmful for students of play games when they should study their books or prepare for their examinations.

Playing indoor games like cards and chess very often and over long hours is harmful to the health.

A player has to keep sitting for hours while playing them and does not have physical exercise at all.

Gambling in any game is its worst abuse. A person who gambles can lose all his wealth. It is quite

Common in games like cards, chess and horse racing.

We do not play a game like true sportsmen if we are not prepared to accept defeat. We should not be proud of our skill in any game even if we happen to be the best players.

Games are very useful if they are rightly played. We should try to play the games suited to us in a regular way. However, we should not play at the cost of our studies or duties in the social order.



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